Steps to Secure Your Joomla Website from Being Hacked

Is your Joomla website hacked or are you leaving under the threat of hackers? If yes, follow these simple steps and have a peaceful night sleep.

Hackers are the biggest and the worst nightmare of webmasters because of brutal upshots faced as a result of website hacking. Activity of hacking and stealing of data is carried out since the inception of the web. Precautionary steps are taken to avoid data theft, but you cannot rest assure and claim your website to be 100% hack-proof.


Joomla! Websites Are on Hackers Radar

Now days developing websites using CMS like Joomla are in fashion. Websites developed using these open source CMSs are cost effective, easy to maintain, user-friendly and so called secure. Joomla is an ideal platform for complex websites with multiple users and also known as highly secure CMS. But in the end, even a small puncture in your entire website’s coding can give a professional hacker way in to the backend of your website.

If you didn’t have a backup and if this happens, I am sure you will find yourself in middle of the ocean, figuring-out what to do next. In case you have backup, you can easily restore your hacked website. But what about the guarantee your website won’t be hacked again? Nobody ensure 100% hack proof website, but here are some precautionary steps to avoid hacking of your Joomla website.

Back up – Always Works as a Plan B

Always make sure a regular backup of your website and database so that if get hacked, you can always get back to an older version of your website. Backup always works as Plan B which never fails. And don’t forget to figure out which extension caused the vulnerability and un-install it before restoring.

Prefer Latest Version of Joomla!

Always update your Joomla version because large numbers of websites functioning on older versions of Joomla are increasingly targeted by hackers. If you are running a website based on Joomla 1.x then I would urge you to upgrade to either version 2.5 or 3.0 before it gets hacked. Up-gradation of version is the best way to avoid hacking of website.

Joomla Updation

Use Updated Plugins and Extensions

Why to use outdate and unsecure Plugins that are of no use to your website. Always stay on top of the new releases for any third-party extensions that you use for your Joomla website. Join the mailing list of companies that releases Plugins so you can be aware when new releases come out.

Updated Plugins And Extensions

Find Out Reliable Hosting Company

Make sure your hosting partner is honest, reliable and offers secure hosting to your website. Don’t always run after low prices hosting, as your decision of saving few dollar may prove fatal in the end. Keep these points in mind before selecting your hosting company:

  • Refer their Backup Policy
  • Whether they update their server frequently or not
  • Availability of technical support at the time of emergency

Partner a Joomla Expert for Emergency

Prevent Joomla Website Hackers TipsEven if you follow all the mentioned steps, it still advised to have a Joomla professional whom you can contact at the time of emergency. Qualified professional can advice and suggest best possible solutions to restore your website as soon as possible.

So there you have it. Please follow above mentioned points and don’t forget to make daily or weekly backup of your database. If you need help of Joomla professionals than contact us and, we will be happy to assist you.

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