Get Your Business Secure and High Performing With Zend Framework

If your business needs highly consistent, secure and performing web solutions than Zend Framework stands second to none. It’s an open source development platform wisely build to support the development of scalable and rich web 2.0 applications. It’s a MVC based framework having extensive built in library and amazing support for PHP layouts and templates.

It uses object oriented codes and features of PHP 5 such as namespaces, lambda functions, late static binding and others to develop web 2.0 applications. Compared to other PHP based framework, it’s a flexible framework that contains various components such as Zend Filter, Zend Feed, Zend Mail, Zend view, Zend Controller, Zend Input Filter and many others.

zend Framework Developement

It’s a successful PHP framework with over 15 million downloads. At iFuturz brings you the most reasonable Zend developer solutions at extremely low price. We offer development services for zend like website development, zend integration services, custom zend web apps development and zend portal development. You can also hire zend developers for creating business solutions based on Zend framework, Zend Core and Zend Studio.

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