It’s now X-tremely easy to promote and market your online business with X-Cart Development

eCommerce Shopping Cart DevelopmentECommerce is all over the place covering wide range of businesses worldwide. So to stay ahead and be exceptional in the eCommerce market, X-Cart is a powerful shopping cart tool based on PHP templates that offers flexibility to boost the sales of your online business with SEO, discounts coupons, sales, social sharing etc.

With the growing demand of X-Cart Development, you will find that almost all brand stores have an online presence offering huge number of products and services for purchase. Whenever an entrepreneur or a business owner thinks about the shopping cart software, the first thing that strikes his mind is X-Cart for it’s the fastest way to integrate fascinating features to your existing online store which lets you present information, images, videos and almost anything related to your business.

Why is X-Cart so favorable for eCommerce Development?

If you are planning of establishing an online business or trying to switch gears to a much more trustworthy platform, X-Cart can be the ideal answer. Why?

It’s offers Hassle Free Installation

The shopping cart software comes with a complete store-builder package which offers hassle free installation, free custom support and its web interface is very easy to use. It also has a self-upgrade engine that is built in and an excellent storefront system. Users or customers can have free access to the future releases of X-Cart.

It’s Highly Customizable

The X-Cart customization feature can transform your online store into an attractive sales tool.  Every desirable feature such as designs, templates and layouts can be changed in X-Cart to suit the business logic of your store.

It’s integrated with SEO features

Online merchants who aim for a quick jump in the search rankings, X-Cart help users to define custom meta-tags for each category. For better search engine indexing and ranking, the users can set the product catalog as static HTML pages.

It’s Highly Secured

Due to the extensive hacking that is taking place online, customers want to be assured of security that is guaranteed. It comes with:

  • Password Protected administrative access
  • Anti-fraud module to verify customer’s details during checkout

At the time of failed login-attempts on your store you are sent real time security info.

It’s Offers Effective Custom Care

X-Cart allows customers to browse products, check the history of orders and track real time orders. When you choose the express check out feature of X-Cart, it disables the checkout without registration.

Hire Dedicated X-Cart Developers and Programmers

These are some prominent features that can aid an online shop owner to receive positive reviews from its customers but if you hire dedicated X-Cart Developers and Programmers, he will guarantee you success by adding the right features into your online store.

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