Ruby On Rails

Get Aware Of Ruby On Rails Components

The Components of ROR:

Rails ships as several individual elements. Every of those elements square measure in short explained below. If you’re unaccustomed Rails, as you scan this section, don’t get adorned abreast of the main points of every element, as they’re going to be explained in additional detail later. As an example, we are going to mention Rack applications; however you don’t have to be compelled to understand something regarding them to continue with this guide.

1. Action Pack

  • Action Controller
  • Action Dispatch
  • Action View
  • Action Mailer

2. Active Model

3. Active Record

4. Active Resource

5. Active Support

6. Railties

Action Pack

Action Pack could be a single gem that contains Action Controller, Action read and Action Dispatch. The “VC” a part of “MVC”.

1. Action Controller

Action Controller is that the part that manages the controllers in Rails applications. This can be a framework processes incoming requests to Rails applications, to extracts parameters, and dispatches them to the meant action. Services provided by Action Controller embrace session management, template rendering, and direct management.

2. Action read

Action read manages the views of your Rails application. It will produce each hypertext mark-up language and XML output by default. Action read manages rendering templates, as well as nested and partial templates, and includes integral mythical being support. Read templates are coated in additional detail in another guide referred to as Layouts and Rendering.

3. Action Dispatch

Action Dispatch handles routing of internet requests and dispatches them as you wish, either to your application or the other Rack application. Rack applications are additional advanced topic and are coated in an exceedingly separate guide referred to as Rails on Rack.

4. Action Mailer

Action Mailer could be a framework for building e-mail services. You’ll be able to use Action Mailer to receive and method incoming email and send easy plain text or complicated multiparty emails supported versatile templates.

Active Model

Active Model provides an outlined interface between the Action Pack gem services and Object Relationship Mapping gems like Active Record. Active Model permits Rails to utilize alternative ORM frameworks in situ of Active Record if your application desires this.

Active Record

Active Record is that the base for the models in an exceedingly Rails application. It provides information independence, basic CRUD practicality, advanced finding capabilities, and also the ability to relate models to 1 another, among alternative services.

Active Resource

Active Resource provides a framework for managing the affiliation between business objects and quiet internet services. It implements the way to map web-based resources to native objects with CRUD linguistics.

Active Support

Active Support is an intensive assortment of utility categories and normal Ruby library extensions that are utilized in Rails, each by the core code and by your applications.


Railties is that the core Rails code that builds new Rails applications and glues the varied frameworks and Plugins along in any ROR Application Development.


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