Ruby On Rails

Get Aware Of Ruby On Rails Components

The Components of ROR:

Rails ships as several individual elements. Every of those elements square measure in short explained below. If you’re unaccustomed Rails, as you scan this section, don’t get adorned abreast of the main points of every element, as they’re going to be explained in additional detail later. As an example, we are going to mention Rack applications; however you don’t have to be compelled to understand something regarding them to continue with this guide.

1. Action Pack

  • Action Controller
  • Action Dispatch
  • Action View
  • Action Mailer

2. Active Model

3. Active Record

4. Active Resource

5. Active Support

6. Railties

Action Pack

Action Pack could be a single gem that contains Action Controller, Action read and Action Dispatch. The “VC” a part of “MVC”.

1. Action Controller

Action Controller is that the part that manages the controllers in Rails applications. This can be a framework processes incoming requests to Rails applications, to extracts parameters, and dispatches them to the meant action. Services provided by Action Controller embrace session management, template rendering, and direct management.

2. Action read

Action read manages the views of your Rails application. It will produce each hypertext mark-up language and XML output by default. Action read manages rendering templates, as well as nested and partial templates, and includes integral mythical being support. Read templates are coated in additional detail in another guide referred to as Layouts and Rendering.

3. Action Dispatch

Action Dispatch handles routing of internet requests and dispatches them as you wish, either to your application or the other Rack application. Rack applications are additional advanced topic and are coated in an exceedingly separate guide referred to as Rails on Rack.

4. Action Mailer

Action Mailer could be a framework for building e-mail services. You’ll be able to use Action Mailer to receive and method incoming email and send easy plain text or complicated multiparty emails supported versatile templates.

Active Model

Active Model provides an outlined interface between the Action Pack gem services and Object Relationship Mapping gems like Active Record. Active Model permits Rails to utilize alternative ORM frameworks in situ of Active Record if your application desires this.

Active Record

Active Record is that the base for the models in an exceedingly Rails application. It provides information independence, basic CRUD practicality, advanced finding capabilities, and also the ability to relate models to 1 another, among alternative services.

Active Resource

Active Resource provides a framework for managing the affiliation between business objects and quiet internet services. It implements the way to map web-based resources to native objects with CRUD linguistics.

Active Support

Active Support is an intensive assortment of utility categories and normal Ruby library extensions that are utilized in Rails, each by the core code and by your applications.


Railties is that the core Rails code that builds new Rails applications and glues the varied frameworks and Plugins along in any ROR Application Development.

PHP Web Programming

PHP Web Programming and Business Benefits of PHP Development

Inception of PHP is almost two decade old, when Danish programmer Rasmus Lerdorf created PHP in 1995. Inspired by that, in year 1997, two Israeli programmers Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski rewrote the parser, creating the base for PHP 3 and also built the Zend engine which is still followed as the interpreter for PHP.

Influence Of PHP Across Web

Today, almost two decades after countless colossal modifications to codebase, more than 35% of web traffic is handled by PHP. Facts on Wikipedia say 75% of websites use PHP, which includes some giant domains such as Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Photo bucket and many others. Amazingly, list doesn’t end here; world’s best blogging platform “WordPress” and other popular CMSs like Drupal and Joomla are built in PHP.

Above mentioned facts are enough to claim the dominancy of PHP even in the presence of killer web development technologies. But, what are the reasons, why PHP hits the mainstream enterprise and why it is forecasted to maintain its momentum even in the coming years.

Success of PHP web programming totally bets on advantages which it offers to its users. Not only PHP developers find it convenient, but even end-users claim it to be friendly. Several studies have concluded some common advantages offered by PHP Development, and they are as follow.

Free For All “Its Open Source”

Under GPL (General Public License) PHP is freely available for use, along with its associated software’s like MySQL, Text Editors and Apache Server to reduce your overall development cost. With the aim to serve you better, PHP community offers technical support and is constantly sweating hard to improve the core functionalities of PHP.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

It exhibits high compatibility with all the major OS and servers for easy deployment across vivid platforms. PHP scripts can run across OS like Linux, Windows, Solaris, OpenBSD, Mac OSX and others. It also provides support for all leading servers such as Apache, IIS, iPlanet and so on.

Powers Equally – Either Small or Big Websites

Either small or giant, whatever are your business needs a PHP based business website can be easily developed in not time and in limited budget. Business and organizational websites, informative forums, CRM solutions, e-commerce websites, community websites, e-business and gigantic database driven sites can be easily developed using PHP.

Extensions to Expand Functionalities

Plethora of extensions and libraries are available across the web using which you can extend core functionalities of your website. Even custom created extensions can be included into source code of PHP.

Top Security – For Hacker Proof Website

It offers top level security that helps prevent malicious attacks. These security stages can be easily attuned in the .ini file.

Veteran Developers to Execute Your Plans

You can Hire PHP Developers from reputed Php Web Development Company more easily than any other language programmers. Just follow simple tips to hire veteran developers and stay away from worries.

In the end, if you are in the mood to add dynamic content to your project, then use of PHP is highly recommended. It free, easy to understand and integrates almost all the functionalities as per your needs. There are tons of PHP developers available on the net. Please don’t hesitate to add anything if I have missed some other great PHP benefits. Feel free to share your thoughts with other readers.

Best CMS For Ecommerce Shopping Cart Solutions – Prestashop vs. Magento vs. OpenCart vs. VirtueMart vs. ECWID

This evaluation is structured on the bases of my knowledge about CMSs. Your search for CMS might have concluded with different alternatives for Content Management Systems available. But, keep your business goal in mind when selecting relevant CMS for your website development.

Magento CMS For Web Development

Magneto is new member in the listing of CMSs for web development and can be conveniently customized in required manner. Magento Web Development features prolonged collection of user-friendly functions like multi language and currency support, comparison of products and a lot more essential for healthy performance of an online store. eCommerce solutions are appearing to be most rewarding and prosperous e-commerce software out there in current market.

By custom magneto theme development, you can create customized modules and integrate into you website to enhance look and functionality of your website. You can power your ecommerce solutions and can even move your e-shop to Magento eCommerce platform with magneto custom development by customizing its build-in features and 3rd party extensions.

If you want to begin a thriving online shop that Magento eCommerce customization can be ultimate solution to all your needs. With Magento eCommerce, online merchant can have total command over online shop to ensuring the growth of their business. You can Hire Magento Developer or contact Magento Development Company to satisfy all your magneto ecommerce designing and development requires and set your feature loaded and SEO friendly Magento ecommerce website on net.


  • Magneto is an Open source with two costly commercial additions
  • Speed Depend on Server
  • Well structured template creation
  • Complex and Hectic Upgrading
  • Numerous add-ons and templates
  • Well Displayed Back office.
  • Countless amazing features
  • Avoidable complexity provides lots of pain

PrestaShop CMS For Web Development

PrestaShop is a free Open-Source e-Commerce Software and is available under the Open Software License. PrestaShop Development is best for small to medium-sized businesses. Although cost-free templates are readily available on the web, but there are numerous rewards of selecting from high quality and custom templates. Whatsoever it is, using PrestaShop Theme Development, company proprietors can create a smart and cherished online reputation.

PrestaShop has integrated payment gateway inter-migration with PayPal, Google Checkout, Money Bookers, Hipay and others. Hence you can go for PrestaShop payment module development to enables your customer to choose between the options of various payment gateways. Epay is the largest and oldest supplier of payment solutions and PrestaShop epay payment module development allows buyers to pay online for their order through your website.


  • Open Source
  • Offers excellent speed
  • Easy to create templates using smarty template engine
  • Comparatively easy in upgrade
  • Lots of add-ons and countless templates
  • Simple and easy to use Back office
  • Back-office is different hence not that intuitive

Joomla Virtue-Mart CMS For Web Development

Joomla Virtue-Mart development muscles you with performance and security so that you can sell products online and take your ecommerce shop to newer scopes. Virtue-Mart is highly advanced ecommerce extension showing remarkable compatibility small to medium level traffic websites. Virtue-Mart development solutions are user-friendly and easy to manage. For best Joomla Virtue-Mart development, you can hire Virtue-Mart developer for process such as Virtue-Mart installation and configuration, design integration, payment gateway and shipping module integration or any sort of custom development necessity.


  • It is also Open source
  • Offers excellent speed
  • Easy to manage user account
  • Requires lesser coding
  • Easy to Upgrade
  • Multiple language and currency support
  • Well Displayed Back office
  • Joomla required and shifting of some templates may be hectic
  • Improved payment and shipping modules
  • Remarkable Joomla Virtue-Mart Themes offered

Open-Cart CMS For Web Development

Open Cart web development can make an ecommerce website more easy to use. It has been designed to meet up all sorts of definite needs of users who always search for a superior ecommerce solution. Through the correct and ample use of the Open Cart development and designing services, they can create a web site that is user-friendly, fresh, feature rich, search friendly and visually extraordinary. It is completely safe, highly stable, and incredibly easy to use and accomplishes all the needs of effective shopping cart. Open Cart Theme Development offers full control to administrator and is faster in integrating templates in CSS when compared to Magneto and PrestaShop.

Open Cart

  • Open source and Module View Controller
  • Offers better speed
  • Ease in template creation as it is a nice MVC structure
  • Easy to Upgrade
  • Well displayed Back office
  • Numerous amazing features
  • Extremely easy to use but fewer features than other systems
  • User-friendly Back Office

ECWID CMS For Web Development

Lastly, let’s have a flying vision on features of ECWID, as it is also offers amazing features for website development.


  • It is SAAS model
  • It also offers good Speed
  • Requires CSS and some HTML for Template system
  • Easy to use but up to a certain degree
  • They will Upgrade it for us
  • It can be integrated on different platforms
  • No additional payment options


Hope, reading this article, you have found a way for your online store without any headache. I have not declared any winner here, as all the CMSs are best on their part.

Drupal Commerce integrates the latest choices of Drupal

Drupal Commerce DevelopmentTo execute Drupal Application Development, a Drupal Developer will produce AN appealing web site regarding your business necessities.

Drupal may be a freely obtainable CMS and CMF that’s written in PHP for develop Drupal Commerce Development, Drupal CMS Development of eCommerce web site and adopts multiple ideas from numerous programming paradigms. It’s its own customary codes licensed beneath GPL that’s straightforward to manage, follow and scalable. The net content management is simple through Drupal Development. Drupal may be a developed and well- maintained platform that’s ideally useful for Drupal Commerce.

Drupal Commerce is associate Open supply Framework, helpful for building plastic on-line eCommerce web site and within the development of applications of various sizes. It’s a superb platform for social commerce. Drupal Commerce came into existence with associate application and framework way of thinking, all focused on what you’ll produce with it. Ubercart has been the prime choice for Drupal Commerce Development over the years that are aiming associate enterprise market. The API has been discovered to import and export eCommerce knowledge. Recently Drupal seven has evolved as a crucial component for a fascinating eCommerce web site and can be associate applicable candidate for brand spanking new merchants and additional technically subtle users for a extended time.

Drupal Commerce combines the newest options of Drupal seven and in depth modules like views and rules. The API has been discovered to import and export eCommerce knowledge. Drupal knowledge has become easier with the sturdy service module. Drupal Commerce operates with Apache and MySQL on software like Linux, waterproof OS and Windows. It conjointly runs on Windows with IIS server and SQL Server. Further information support includes SQL Server, MongoDB, SQLite, and Oracle. Drupal Commerce conjointly operates with communications protocol accelerators like Memcached and polish and content delivery networks like Akamai area unit supported.

UbercartiFuturz may be a team of execs that gives a technical support for Drupal Commerce Development. we offer you 24×7 Drupal internet Development services, fulfilling all of your business needs and quality resolution area unit offered at cheap rates during a stipulated time frame. We’ve got in depth information of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and numerous scripting languages. we have a tendency to area unit making a fairly difficult Drupal Commerce website straight away victimization the weather just like the order system, cart, checkout forms and desegregation social networking sites like Facebook, loud speaker system area unit all fairly concrete. It’s straightforward and glorious to use, and offers varied benefits over Ubercart.

From Developers Eye “Django vs. CakePHP vs. CodeIgniter” – Which Framework to Use

Welcome to the shootout of frameworks, where today we are going to explore frameworks such as Django vs. CakePHP vs. CodeIgniter, and compare their features, functionality and area of implementation. Talented pools of programmers are always Googling for latest tools which can escalate the programming efficiency and raise the standard of development.

About Frameworks

Using the tongue of programming, frameworks can be termed as set of tools, libraries and code classes that help-out web developers to create complex and vast applications in lesser shots and time strain. There are solid reasons backing the success of frameworks such as, it cuts-down time strain, helps in rapid application development, hassle-free debugging, easy integration of developed application, uncomplicated code alteration etc.

As discussed above, frameworks are large in quantity but it’s always wise to evaluate your project requirements and then go for one, hiring professional developer for error free implementation of project.

Well not going out of the topic, just lately, I glanced into application development ecosystem to pick-out a framework to put into action a primary web application. My investigation wrapped up looking at the code creation features of Django, CodeIgniter and CakePHP frameworks. After investing sometime in research, I discovered that these three frameworks are truly powerful allowing programmers to perform more proficiently and what I found, have described below.

Some Basic About Django Framework

Django, a MVC framework written in Python Programming language allows developers to conquer typical programming issues such as the need to fulfill stressful deadlines with a lowest volume of repetitive code. I observed that Django developers find it pleasurable working with Django Web Application Framework as it offers convenience of nesting templates inside templates and utilizing special templates for special parts of the website.

Django web page design and development requires lesser codes and hence facilitates execution of fully functional website, quickly and easily. Django comprises of most functional template system for web development that makes Django web template design no problem task. Django is based on python, which is quite popular among developers for providing bundles of opportunities for robust Python Framework Development.

As a programming language, Django have some truly ground-breaking characteristics like its very well prepared packages, nicely structured template system and simplicity in development cycle.

Some Basic About CakePHP Framework

CakePHP Web DevelopmentCakePHP is a popular PHP framework that supports MVC, database objects, multiple databases, Object Relational Mapping, caching and validation, Ajax and CRUD Scaffolding. This development tool minimizes architectural headaches or else you can Hire CakePHP Developer for CakePHP Web Application Development.

It has solid foundation for PHP coding and amazing compatibility with all the versions of PHP. With CakePHP, you can establish a mixture of controllers, models, and views, as a packaged application plug-in which can be utilized by other in their CakePHP module or application development. With CakePHP you can perform magnificently and extract maximum in the form of cost effective websites.

Some Basic About CodeIgniter Framework

CodeIgniter Framework Development

CodeIgniter is a PHP Web Framework for considerable faster Web Development than you could. It offers a rich set of libraries for repeated tasks, many CodeIgniter CMS options for redesigning the webpage, plus a simple yet logical structure to use these libraries. It reduces the amount of codes required and lets you focus on project. It’s a pre-developed framework which can utilized to create sophisticated, complex yet correct web applications and also CodeIgniter mobile web development.

Installation on the server or the deployment of CodeIgniter Web Server one to another can be done without any hassles. CodeIgniter follows MVC pattern which makes CI quite flexible to use for CodeIgniter Development. CodeIgniter is quick and easy install, simple to debug, find errors and extremely secure to use for web application development.

Newest Trends in iPhone and iOS Development

Mobile developers have been interested in creating iPhone Apps as public-friendly as possible. With the recent release of the iPhone 4S, the number of apps have acquired a new high and the overall interest has increased manifold.

According to the Analytics software firm Pinch Media, statistics related to Phone app usage said that about 20% use a free app after they download it while less than 5% continue to use it even after a month. The paid apps are about less than 5% of the usage especially on the first day.

But since Apple‘s App Store has got bigger and bigger, the usage of a particular app is bound to get less and less since there are many more coming out in the App store.

The apps seldom add to the company’s bottom line directly. iPhone App Development has made the growth possible due to offshore operations which are cost-effective to say the least!

There are also many iPhone game apps which are strictly for adults. The graphics used are fantastic and superb in each of the apps while the oleo phobic coating assists users to browse and play the games easily. The apps are of different types and belong to different domains including business, games, news, weather and even augmented reality. The office people will even find Office Suite app for their company needs too. There are many companies who are actually working on the best apps and always extending them for better functionalities.

Social Networking apps are also in great demand as most people have gone crazy about being in touch with others, especially friends and relatives. There are niche sites too but the most popular ones include Facebook, Twitter and other relevant social sites which are integrated in smart phones and useful for chats while on the go.