Responsive website with html5 & css

Ignoring Responsive Web Design May Have Serious Consequences to Your Business

Days are gone when desktops were the only source of viewing web and watching videos online. Now days, we have plethora of options such as smartphones, tablets, Phablets, laptops and even televisions are emerging out as an ideal option for surfing web. So creating a single website that fits all types of devices with different screen resolution is a wise decision by which you can save your time and hard earned dollars too. Responsive websites are built to provide best possible experience to all the versions of gadgets of not just today’s but tomorrows also.

But some general questions arise like:

  • What are benefits of responsive web design?
  • What technologies are used to create responsive websites?
  • Where to hire dedicated resources for responsive web design service?

HTML5 and CSS are used in methodology to create responsive websites that blesses websites to display beautifully on every screen size. Advantages linked with it are countless and designers for responsive website can be easily Googled-up and can be hired as per the need on partly or fulltime bases.

Responsive website with html5 & css

Responsive website with html5 & css

But, Do I Need Responsive Website For Growth of My Business?

Definitely and you need it. It’s the call of today’s business trend and you must step-up to it as fast as possible. Technology is adopting new phases very quickly, and we are consuming web content in vivid forms that ranges for wide screen desktops to tiny smartphones. In the presence of so many different sized devices, as a business owner, you need to make you business available to all the segments of customers at the time of their convenience. Responsive website makes sure that your business website is easy to use on each of them.

Responsive Web Design

In today’s competitive and cost-cutting world, you just cannot afford cost of developing individual website for different sized deceives. A single responsive Web Design for Smartphones, Tablets and Desktop can make things easy going for you and your business as well in truly cost effective ways.

Reasons, why one must opt for Responsive web design

Today, designing a Responsive Website Using HTML5 and CSS is brand new way that provides an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices. By adopting this method of web development, you make your website easy to read and navigate on computers, tablets and smartphones.

First of All – Saves Dollar:

Saves Dollar with Responsive Web DevelopmentFew years back, business owners need to pay extra for designing, programming and implementing separate website to be viewable on different platforms. But now, thanks to responsive web design, with a single expense you can own a website scales to varying screen resolutions, definitions, and orientations.

Business Centric Websites:

Business centric website means, it caters all the aspects of user’s requirements. Whether your end-user is on a tablet, smartphone, or on a computer, his/her experience will be finest since it is relevant and designed for any size screen.

Many Devices One Website:

On daily bases, hundreds of new devices are released in market and anticipating their screen size and resolution is almost impossible. Responsive website easily syncs with devices having different functionality and different orientations, hence there remains no need of developing different websites for different devices. Hence no need to worry about screen size and resolution, your website will adjust with all the gadgets coming in future.

Responsive Website

Recommended By Google Hence SEO Friendly:

Because of its ability to offer great user experience across many devices and screen sizes, Google highly recommends responsive web design and this makes easier for you to handle your custom SEO strategies. You can easily advantage your business with mobile SEO ranking and boost your overall reputation across various search engines.

Use of smartphones and tablets are rapidly increasing in daily routines, so does the need of mobile-friendly websites. With commence of smartphone revolution use of responsive web design is truly recommended, as it integrates all the core component of your digital marketing strategy. Don’t wait and waste your time as every second counts for your business.

Do pen down your views about the future of Responsive Web Design.